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Journal «Quality Management in Oil and Gas Industry (UKANG)

The magazine is published by Limited liability Company "National institute of oil and gas " (LLC NING) with the assistance of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and the Russian engineering academy.  

Editor in Chief V.Y. Kershenbaum — doctor of sciences, profеssor, Chief of the Department, the Gubkin Russia State Univercity of Oil and Gas, Director General of the National Institute of Oil and Gas

"Quality management in oil and gas industry " – the periodical which is bringing up the questions of an oil and gas industry from the point of view of modern problems of quality management, import substitution, competitiveness, technical regulation and standardization, safety of a production activity, reliability of the equipment, technique and technologies.  

Audience of the magazine – experts and heads of the enterprises of oil and gas industry, scientists, heads of the companies of neighboring areas, commercial structures.  

The magazine is the only industry periodical having the regular column "Quality Management" and "Competitiveness and Import Substitution". Taking this into account the editorial board forms each issue of the magazine basing not only on the initiative proposals of authors, but also purposefully  connects to specialists of branch with the offer to publish article on the set subject.  

Authors of publications in the "Quality Management in Oil and Gas Industry" magazine are the scientists of the leading Russian scientific organizations, higher educational institutions, experts and heads of oil and gas corporations and enterprises, postgraduate students.  

The magazine "Quality Management in Oil and Gas Industry " gives opportunity to students and postgraduate students to publish results of their scientific works. Articles of members of scientific and pedagogical school "Competitiveness and quality management in oil and gas industry" based on RSU of oil and gas of named after I.M. Gubkin are constantly published in the magazine.  

The magazine "Quality Management in Oil and Gas Industry" provides its pages to foreign authors.  

The leading national and foreign scientists and experts of oil and gas industry are a part of editorial council.  

Support of RSU of oil and gas named after I.M. Gubkin and the Russian engineering academy provide to the magazine possibility to attract for reviewing of profile specialists in subject of articles.  

The magazine is included in "The list of the reviewed scientific magazines and editions in which the main scientific results of doctoral and candidate's theses have to be published".   The magazine "Quality Management in Oil and Gas Industry" is included in system of the Russian index of scientific citing, in a rating of SCIENCE INDEX and has positive dynamics of change of an impakt-factor: in 2010 a two-year impakt-factor of RINTs taking into account citing from all sources – 0,125, in the current year – 0,711 (a five-year impakt-factor 0,395).  

Index in the subscription catalog "Newspapers. Magazines" Agency «Rospechat» — 81730.


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